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TOKYO, Sept 21, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via – Eisai Co., Ltd. announced today on World Alzheimer’s Day, that it has released a dementia awareness video, “Life Goes On 2023: Two Memories, One Story”, on its dementia information website “Sodan.e-65” and YouTube, which are intended to deepen the understanding of dementia.

With the rapidly aging population, it is predicted that by 2025, one in five people over the age of 65 in Japan will have dementia,(1) and dementia is now something that is familiar to everyone. Symptoms of dementia vary depending on the individual and the disease type that causes it, but the first step toward relieving anxiety of the patient is for others around them to understand their thoughts and the reason behind their symptoms, and to dispel any misunderstandings or assumptions.

This video was produced based on the concept of “learning helps us to be kind”, with the aim of realizing a society where people with dementia and their families can live with peace of mind, by deepening society’s understanding of the disease.

In fiscal 2022, we released “Life Goes On: No Way It’s Not Here” and “Life Goes On: Timeslip”, which depict  daily life from the perspective of a mother diagnosed with dementia and her daughter, and have received inquiries from more than 80 local governments, such as requests to use the videos at events.

Life Goes On 2023: Two Memories, One Story

The two met, grew up, became a couple, and started a family. Time passes, and one day the husband forgets if he had eaten or not. The wife notices this and is bewildered.

A story of a couple and their family accepting life with dementia and moving forward.

This video can be viewed (in Japanese only) at

Eisai will continue to contribute to realize a Dementia Inclusive Society where no one is left behind through creating social impact by building a dementia ecosystem via collaboration with local governments and other industries.

(1) Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Comprehensive Strategy to Accelerate Dementia Measures (New Orange Plan)”> (PDF) (Japanese only)

About World Alzheimer’s Day

In 1994, Alzheimer’s Disease International, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, established September 21 every year as “World Alzheimer’s Day” to raise awareness of dementia. In addition, since 2012, September has been designated as “World Alzheimer’s Month,” and various efforts are being made around the world. In Japan, non-profit organization Alzheimer’s Association Japan has been conducting activities such as creating posters and leaflets to promote understanding of dementia.

About “Life Goes On 2023: Two Memories, One Story”

Out-of-home Advertising Campaign
Over the course of 10 days from September 21 (Thursday) to September 30 (Saturday), a full-page hanging advertisement will be displayed all across one train on the Marunouchi Line of the Tokyo Metro.

Making of the Video
Another “Two Memories, One Story”
– Towards a society where everyone can live a better life –
The entire production staff worked on the filming process with the hope of creating an opportunity to think about “the person” before the disease, and to close the distance between society and dementia.

Production Storyboard
A blueprint of the video, that features the movements and emotions of the characters, how to direct the scene, etc.

Further details of the husband’s dementia symptoms and psychological changes are also described in the movies.

About Dementia Information Site “Sodan.e-65”

In addition to the “Forgetfulness Consultation Navigator,” which allows users to search for medical institutions that provide consultation and treatment for dementia, the dementia information site “Sodan.e-65” provides information for everyone living with dementia, including basic knowledge about dementia, measures to maintain and improve cognitive function, care methods, personal experiences, and the dual-task exercise program “Brepacise” (brain performance + exercise) that stimulates both the body and brain. Please see"> for details (in Japanese only)

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