SINGAPORE, November 17, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Novationwire (, a leading press release distribution company based in Singapore, has launched a revolutionary new AI platform called AI-Branding-Leverage (ABL) to help small businesses and startups boost their brand influence through strategic press release distribution.

Novationwire CMO Eric Lee gave an exclusive media interview to showcase how ABL can level the playing field for companies seeking to earn greater media coverage and exposure.

“Press releases have become an indispensable tool for Singapore brands to shape their narrative in a noisy, competitive landscape. But creating and distributing effective press releases can be an uphill battle for SMBs and startups with limited resources,” said Lee. “Our new ABL platform completely transforms press release distribution through the power of artificial intelligence.”

Lee explained that ABL incorporates cutting-edge AI to handle every step of the press release process, from identifying a client’s unique objectives, key messages and target audiences, to developing optimized content, building custom media lists, conducting targeted outreach, and monitoring results. This creates a streamlined, automated system that delivers unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Some of the platform’s standout features highlighted by Lee include:

  • AI-powered press release writing tailored to each client’s goals, narratives and personas. This replaces the manual drafting process with fast, strategic content creation.
  • Automated distribution across Novationwire’s vast proprietary media database, eliminating the grunt work of manual outreach.
  • Custom AI media list building based on individual client needs to guarantee relevancy and response.
  • Proactive pitching to exactly the right journalists and outlets for each press release.
  • 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerts when coverage is secured.
  • Access to an online media room to store assets and analyze campaign metrics.

“ABL brings all the different elements of effective media relations under one roof and lets AI handle the heavy lifting. This is a game changer for our clients in Singapore competing for attention and mindshare,” remarked Lee.

Lee noted that this ability to punch above one’s weight class in terms of publicity is what sets ABL apart. “Our platform has leveled the playing field. Singapore companies of any size can now execute integrated brand journalism campaigns that build credibility, shape narratives and drive real business impact.”

Moving forward, Novationwire plans to continuously refine and expand the capabilities of ABL by incorporating insights from its growing customer base. “The future is bright as we unlock new ways for our clients to leverage AI and achieve their communications objectives. We are committed to pushing the envelope of what’s possible.”

As Lee summarized, “In today’s crowded market, earned media exposure through press releases is more valuable than ever. With ABL, Novationwire has made press release distribution easy, efficient and highly effective for our Singapore users, so companies of all sizes can build their brands and stand out from the competition.”

About Novationwire

Novationwire is a media technology company that provides press release distribution, media databases, monitoring and analytics to execute integrated brand journalism campaigns. Through its AI-driven platform, Novationwire is dedicated to making press release distribution easy, efficient and effective for organizations of all sizes. For more information, visit

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