London, UK – 08/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In an exciting development, Sovryn, the leading Bitcoin-native decentralized trading and lending platform, has revealed today an early capability of BitcoinOS, its upcoming Bitcoin rollup system, with the launch of its groundbreaking POWA Points program. This innovative initiative introduces POWA, a new token built on an entirely new Bitcoin technology set to redefine how users interact with Bitcoin and the broader crypto ecosystem. POWA will be given out to those participating in the POWA Points program.

Introducing POWA: The Bitcoin-Memecoin Evolution

POWA represents the next leap in Bitcoin token technology, surpassing the capabilities of BRC-20 tokens with its unprecedented power. POWA will not only be the first meme-coin to be part of BitcoinOS, but it will also introduce new powers and functionality to the realm of memecoins. As a bitcoin-memecoin, POWA embodies Bitcoin’s spirit and resilience and introduces a fun, engaging element to the Bitcoin space. While the specific details about this exciting new technology are still kept under wraps, Sovryn promises to release the exact specifications closer to the token launch.

Earning POWA Points: Stake, Trade, Influence

Sovryn users can now amplify their crypto experience by engaging in various activities to earn POWA Points. From staking to trading and even influencing on social media platforms like Twitter, every action contributes to users’ accumulation of points, which in turn determines their share of the POWA pool.

Stake: SOV stakers are rewarded with points for their existing stakes, with new stakes and re-stakes receiving an even higher points allocation.

Trade: Trading activities across selected pairs and platforms are incentivized with points, encouraging active participation in the Sovryn ecosystem.

Influence: Engagement on Twitter through likes, shares, and tweets earns users points, integrating social media interaction with the crypto rewards system.

Unlocking the Power of POWA

Holding POWA will open up a realm of possibilities for users:

  • Trade POWA: POWA will be launched on Sovryn and other exchanges. POWA will be actively traded, offering users flexibility and liquidity.
  • Burn POWA for NFT Access: Users will be able to burn their POWA tokens to gain exclusive access to upcoming NFT collections, merging the worlds of cryptocurrency and digital art.
  • Future Airdrops: By holding POWA, users will become eligible for future airdrops, ensuring they remain at the forefront of Sovryn’s innovative offerings.

Join the POWA Points Program

Users can now join the POWA Points program on the Sovryn dApp:

eSOV Integration with POWA Points Program

For holders of eSOV, Sovryn introduces an exciting pathway to participate in the POWA Points program through a seamless and secure bridge to Rootstock.

By bridging eSOV tokens to Rootstock, users can actively earn POWA Points through staking, trading, and influencing activities.

Learn More about Bridging eSOV to Rootstock

Sovryn: Leading the Charge in Bitcoin DeFi

Sovryn is at the forefront of decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Bitcoin blockchain, providing users with a platform that is permissionless, non-custodial, and resistant to censorship. With Sovryn, users maintain complete control over their Bitcoin, unlocking new functionalities such as Bitcoin-backed stablecoins, zero-percent interest loans, and intermediary-free trading.

About Sovryn

Sovryn is revolutionizing the DeFi landscape with its Bitcoin-native decentralized trading and lending platform. Empowering users with autonomous control over their assets, Sovryn has facilitated over $2 billion in trades, establishing itself as the premier Bitcoin DeFi platform. Accessible via the Sovryn dApp and $SOV on, Sovryn is expanding the possibilities of Bitcoin and DeFi.

Learn More and Join the POWA Revolution

Discover more about Sovryn and the POWA Points program at and stay updated by following Sovryn on Twitter @SovrynBTC and joining the Sovryn Telegram channel.

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