Yong Kong, China – On the morning of November 29, a Sea-rail Combined Transportation train loaded with 100 TEUs of leisure goods, hardware and other goods slowly departed from Yongkang East Station and headed for Ningbo Zhoushan Port, which will then be exported to Europe and America by ship. By now, the total business volume of Yongkang Sea-rail Combined Transportation train this year has exceeded 60,000 TEU, completing the annual train operation task 30 days in advance, which is the vivid practice of the new development mode of Yongkang Sea-rail Combined Transportation.

Since the debut of “Yongkang-Ningbo Zhoushan Port” Sea-rail Combined Transportation train in September last year, Yongkang Jiaotong Investment Group’s double-flying Sea-rail Combined Transportation platform has increased the close cooperation with the freight yard of Yongkang East Station, optimized the storage capacity of the site, strengthened the management of the yard and ensured the efficient operation of the freight yard. management to ensure the efficient operation of the yard, while digging deeper into the market potential.

What is worth mentioning is that in April this year, the Yongkang City train was upgraded to “daily”, which is the fastest route to be upgraded to daily among the Sea-rail Combined Transportation routes in the province.

Since this year, in the face of the repeated epidemic and other unstable factors, Yongkang City Jiaotong Group Shuangfei Sea-rail Combined Transportation platform continues to optimize the deployment of empty containers and logistics solutions, expand the Sea-rail Combined Transportation logistics channel, solve customer pain points, open up service blockage points, to ensure the smooth flow of regional logistics channels. In addition, since this year, with the support of Zhejiang Shuangfei Transportation Company’s logistics party branch and many departments, all aspects have played their advantages, optimized the process, and comprehensively helped promote the new development of the regional economy in central Zhejiang.

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